Website Design

Our goals when designing your website are pretty simple: allow you as much creative input in the process as you would like, give your website a responsive, functional feel and to make the usability of your website intuative - like a joke, a website that needs explaining is a bad one!

About us

I am Andrew Mason and I am the lead developer and your point of contact when completing a project with us. Along with an assistant developer and a graphic designer we work from the code up, creating bespoke websites that function flawlessly and stand out from the masses.

Responsive Design

According to statistics from google, between 51 and 60% of all internet browsing is completed on a mobile device. Because of this, websites that can adapt across devices are a must. Every website we create has this in mind, with the website rearranging itself based on screen size so even when a browser is not full screen, our websites function perfectly!

Search Engine Optimisation

As we create websites, we make sure to emphasise three to four keywords in the appropriate elements in the HTML code creating organic SEO for your website. We also register you with google webmasters and follow their best practices to allow you to appear higher on the search results and can implement pay-per-view SEO for your site.

Ongoing Support

For nearly all of our projects, we are happy to offer continued support. Whilst hosted with us or for 12 months after project completion, if something happens to break your website or there is any problem related to our hosting, we will do everything we can to get your website up and running again with minimal down time.

We love what we do

We code exclusively from the bottom up - no templates or website builders. We create your website and specify every detail so we know exactly how it will function and interact with different browsers and devices, leaving you with a reliable website no matter how it is viewed.
Even as a relatively new business, we have published a lot of code!

HTML - 22,616 lines

CSS - 55,132 lines

JavaScript - 5087 lines

Other - 2709 lines

Should I use a website builder?

There are many problems that come with a website builder: generic looking websites, security issues, slow load times and the frequency of error messages. The advantages of website builders are that you are able to edit your own site without professional help. If freedom to edit your own website is something you need, we can either teach you how to edit your website or create a form for you to dynamically add, change or remove certain content such as blog posts or news feeds.

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This website was made by Mason Web Design and yours could be too! Leave us a message via our start a project page to get the ball rolling. We do in-person meetings, skype meetings or can discuss your specification online. See our design process page for more info!