The Design Process


We ask to sort a specification with you in order to get an understanding of the quantity and complexity of your project. Although there is no need to prepare any specific content for this, it can be best to have a general idea of the content you would like. Once you have contacted us in order to begin a project, we will ask for all of the information we need. This will include things such as page quantity and a basic overview of what you would like from the finished website.

Background Research

After we understand what you are looking for and have agreed upon a quote, we will do background research to compare your specification to the websites it will be competing with. We will then get in contact with you again to discuss any recommendations or suggestions we may have. This step is a very important and commonly overlooked one, as we think the aim should always be to stand out amongst your competition.


When you are happy with any possible adjustments to your specification, we will move on to drafting your website. We will produce a static version of your site that we will host from our own domain. Once we have sent this to you, we will ask for feedback and implement any additions or changes that you would like. When you are happy with the final draft we will move on to the next step.


Next, we will take the final draft and convert it into a fully functioning website prototype. This means that we will present you with a site that is fully functioning with all animations, hyperlinks and interactivity. This prototype will be constructed using responsive design so will be an opportunity to check you are happy with the style on mobile and tablet devices. Using the same system as we do with static drafts, we will ask for feedback and implement any changes you request.


When you are happy with your website, we will discuss with you how you would like it to be published. We will happily create a basic countdown page until publishing time if you'd like to add a bit of excitement to the website launch! Alternatively, if you would rather get your website up and running ASAP it is completely up to you. We are flexible with how you would like your website to be launched so if you have any special requests we are more than happy to accommodate them!

Got any questions? Anything missing from our website? Feel free to leave us a message!


Email Address


This website was made by Mason Web Design and yours could be too! Leave us a message via our start a project page to get the ball rolling. We do in-person meetings, skype meetings or can discuss your specification online. See our design process page for more info!